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Welcome to CO Update e-newsletter No 13. This issue has several reports from Latin America, where the right to conscientious objection is rarely recognised. The movements in Chile, in Colombia, and elsewhere in Latin America need international support to improve the situation in their countries, and it seems that especially Colombia will need our attention - the detention of two youths by the military on 8 August is a reminder that the situation of COs has not been solved.

War Resisters' International is now preparing for 1 December 2005, International Prisoners for Peace Day, which will focus on the situation in Eritrea. We covered the appalling conditions there in recent issues of CO Update e-newsletter, and in March, WRI published a special documentation on CO in Eritrea. Please make your own plans to mark Prisoners for Peace Day, and let us know.

War Resisters' International is proud to publish Devi Prasad's new book War is a Crime against Humanity. The Story of War Resisters' International. We will mark the publication with a public launch at Housmans Bookshop in London on 21 October 2005. For more information, please contact the WRI Office.

Andreas Speck

Veröffentlicht in CO-Update, September 2005, No. 13