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Declaration of NGOs and political organizations of Yugoslavia

The Congress of the Center for the Dissemination of Information and Democracy (CeRID) and "Serbia Together" in joint session held on May 19 1999 in Nis, presents the following DECLARATION

We, citizens of FR Yugoslavia organized in political and nongovernmental organizations, clearly state that we distance ourselves from the irresponsible politics of Slobodan Milosevic, which have brought Yugoslav economy to utter ruin, led the country into total isolation and war with the whole world, produced a terrible humanitarian and material catastrophe, andin recent months directly imperiled the lives of citizens. Therefore, in the name of the victims and of the future of the country, we demand:

  • That an end of hostilities in the region of FRY be immediately declared, and that all respect the call of the international community for a plan for reconstruction and full integration of our country into the international community;
  • That authorities immediately cease terrorizing the dissenting citizens of FRY and those who are anxious for the future of their children;
  • That the process of ethnic cleansing and all other forms of discrimination on the basis of national or religious identity be stopped and that the return of the displaced to their homes be quickly effected with full respect for minority and human rights;
  • That the electoral will of the citizens of Montenegro be respected and that the legally elected representatives of the people be allowed to carry out their functions within the Federal structures;
  • That the media in Serbia professionally inform the public and that the regime in Serbia not incite media wars, inflame inter-ethnic hatred, create bogus public opinion, and exalt force as a way to solve political problems;
  • That the consequences of the refugee catastrophe be mitigated and eliminated and the process of democratization resumed;
  • That all those responsible for the suffering of innocent citizens of FRY and the disintegration of our country bear full political and penal responsibility.

We invite all democratic institutions and citizens to join in our demands by signing this declaration.

Nis, 19 May 1999

Initial signatories of the Declaration:

  • "Serbia Together"
  • Democratic Socialist Party of Montenegro
  • Montenegrin Peoples Party
  • Sandjak Coalition
  • New Serbia
  • Independent Radical Party
  • Center for the Dissemination of Information and Democracy (CeRID), Nis
  • Forum for Civil Union (FoCID), Belgrade
  • Alliance of Independent Intellectuals ("Trag"), Nis
  • Center for Nonviolent Conflict Resolution, Leskovac
  • Ecourban Workshop
  • Young People's Culture Club "Indjija"
  • Civic Reading Room "Pirgos", Pirot
  • Center for the promotion of Democratic Associations, Kragujevac
  • Civic Reading Room "Lingva", Kraljevo
  • Center for Urban Education. Vrsac
  • Alliance for the promotion of Media Culture "21 vek", Jagodina
  • Civic Reading Room Dr Vladan Vasilijevic, Chachak
  • Kikin Club, Kikin
  • Civic Action Forum (FORCA), Pozega
  • Center for Human Rights "Homo homini", Sabac
  • Sremka Mitrovica Center for Human Rights, Sremka Mitrovica
  • Center for Ecology, Medicine, and Science (CEMIN), Bor
  • Civic Forum, Novi Pazar
  • IDYU, Austria