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NEPAL: Ex-Maoist child soldiers padlock party office in Kathmandu

Former Maoist child soldiers in Nepal, discontent with the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN or Maoist-Centre) for discarding them unceremoniously during the peace process, locked party leaders at the CPN office in Kathmandu. During their action, at least seven party leaders were locked in the building when the main door was padlocked.

With their action, the former child soldiers, most of whom are now in their 20s and struggling to find employment and raise their children, demanded that the party, which also leads the government, begin implementing the agreements reached with them in the past. They also demanded proper rehabilitation and compensation.

Ex-child soldiers came together under the name of the Discharged People's Liberation Army Struggle Committee (DPLASC). The head of the DPLASC, Lenin Bista, said "we lost our childhood fighting for the party. Now our leaders enjoy the power while we are left to struggle for a living."

The Maoist leadership, however, insisted that they cannot meet their demands due to their limited resources.

Source: The Kathmandu Post, Disgruntled ex-Maoist child soldiers padlock party office , 8th November 2016; Business Standard, Ex-Nepal Maoist child soldiers lock leaders in party office, 8th November 2016.