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Kazakhstan to end draft?

Kazakhstan plans to abolish conscription and have a mostly professional army by 2016, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported October 9, citing military chief of staff Col Gen. Saken Jasuzaqov.

Currently, conscription in Kazakhstan is 12 months for male citizens. It was reduced from 24-months by the Military Obligation and Military Service Act of July 2005.

However, this change does not mean the people of Kazakhstan are not affected by the military in their daily lives. Since last year, military training has been compulsory for males aged 16 to 60 years, and women between 18 and 45 years who are childless or whose children are older than 10 years. This training lasts around 25 hours.

Sources: CO-Update, Kazakhstan to introduce "defence training" for all, 3 October 2012; Central Asia Online, Kazakhstan to end draft, 9 October 2012.