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Dear readers of CO-Update.

This issue of CO-Update again includes an article on imprisoned Egyptian blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad, who is now on hunger strike for more than 70 days. His case is still dominating the work of WRI's Right to Refuse to Kill programme, and in October we again visited Egypt, to support him at the appeal hearing. Maikel Nabil Sanad's case is an example about the power the military has been able to (re)gain since the successful toppling of Mubarak in February this year. Maikel Nabil Sanad already wrote in March, only a few weeks after the revolution, that "we got rid of the dictator, but not of the dictatorship". In the last weeks, more prominent activists of the revolution were arrested too, also on charges of criticising the military.

War Resisters' International has been one of the first organisations to respond to Maikel's arrest in March, and to try to organise international solidarity. Since then other organisations, larger and better known, have come out in support of Maikel, and helped to raise the profile of the campaign in his support. But still the work of WRI is extremely important, working in close contact with Maikel Nabil Sanad's friends and supporters in Egypt.

To continue to do this work War Resisters' International depends on your donations. We therefore kindly ask you to donate to WRI online at

Andreas Speck

Veröffentlicht in CO-Update, November 2011, No. 69