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South Korea has been a constant in our co-update newsletter, and finally - after years - we have some good news to report: South Korea plans to legalise the right to conscientious objection (see leading article). However, it remains to be seen if this really materialises, with a possible change of government following elections in December.

A lot of the reports in this issue of co-update relate in one way or other to the UN Human Rights Committee, which is an important body regarding international standards governing the right to conscientious objection. It played an important role in the case of South Korea, and just released a new comment on repeated imprisonment of conscientious objectors.

War Resisters' International submitted a report to the Committee, highlighting violations of international standards in the British regulations governing the right to conscientious objection (see article).

This issue also includes some information taken out of a report of the US Government Accountability Office on conscientious objectors.

Andreas Speck

Veröffentlicht in CO-Update, October 2007, No. 33