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Upcoming events: NATO summit in Portugal

Activist Conference, Lisbon, 16/17 October 2010

The No to War – No to NATO Activist Conference will be embedded in the con­ference of the Portuguese organisation “CULTURA”. The CULTURA conference will take place at ISCTE (Instituto Superior de Ciên­cias do Trabalho e da Em­presa) of the University of Lisbon. The location of the Action Conference will be announced shortly.

See for more information:

19.11.2010–21.11.2010 Lisbon (P)

The No-to-NATO-coalition organizes a manifestation, counter-conference and actions of civil disobedience. The official agenda contains approval of the new Strategic Concept, a decision on NATO's involvement in missile defence.

There are also discussions on actions of civil disobedience before or during the NATO summit.

Contact: War Resisters' International

Veröffentlicht in CO-Update, October 2010, No. 60