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Dear readers of CO-Update.

a little late, but here it is - CO-Update No 57, July 2010. From 1-5 July 2010, we took part in the European Social Forum in Istanbul, which is the reason for the delay of this issue of CO-Update. However, while in Istanbul we caught up with Turkish conscientious objector Halil Savda (see article on Turkey), and other Turkish antimilitarists.

It does not happen often, but unfortunately, we have to report a worsening of the situation for conscientious objectors: Paraguay passed its first law on conscientious objection, which has to be interpreted as a backlash for conscientious objectors in the country. However, the Paraguayan conscientious objectors are planning to challenge and resist the law, and will need international support in doing so.

The signals we receive from Belarus are contradictory, and until we see the draft of a law on substitute service, we cannot say if it will really lead to progress for conscientious objectors. In this country too, international pressure will be important - and War Resisters' International will be part of this international pressure.

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Andreas Speck

Veröffentlicht in CO-Update, July 2010, No. 57