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Advance praise for War is a crime against humanity

"War Resisters' International, born out of the horrors and stupidity of World War I, has kept the banners of conscientious objection and abolition of war flying through the most atrocious century of European history. I am proud to have been a council member. For, like those, also to a large extent informed and inspired by English Quakers who ultimately brought slavery to an end, war resisters, organised or not, will bring about the end to  war, ever more an insult to human dignity and intelligence."
Johan Galtung, dr hc mult, Professor of Peace Studies 
Founder and Co-director, TRANSCEND: A Peace and Development Network

"Devi Prasad's work of War Resisters International, on which he has worked so long, is going to be of great value to all scholars of the pacifist movement. As one who worked with Devi over a period of many years I am delighted the book is reaching the public. It will document how important the role of the WRI has been."
David McReynolds, USA
Former chair of War Resisters' International, long-time activist with the War Resisters League and the Socialist Party

"Today's peace movement in many parts of the world and especially its pacifist orientation is hardly imaginable without the indefatigable work of the War Resisters’ International. It is a great merit of Devi Prasad to map out the history of this organisation and its experiences and to make it accessible to today's generation of the peace movement. Of course Devi Prasad himself has contributed so much to the development and internationality of the WRI."
Prof. Dr. Andreas Buro
Speaker of the „Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie“

"This books turns the light on a long neglected chapter of Twentieth Century history - the stories of many who spoke out and acted to bring an end to the war institution. It is about ordinary people in many European countries and in the United States of America who envisioned a world free of war and militarism."
George Willoughby

The author

Devi Prasad studied at Shantiniketan, Tagore's University, worked as a teacher and artist in Sevagram, Gandhi's ashram, from the 1940s until 1962. From 1962-1972 he was General Secretary of the WRI.
During his time at the WRI significant changes took place. While still concentrating on the work for conscientious objection it widened its scope of work to nonviolence training and nonviolent action against armaments and war. One of the highlights of this development was the presentation of the Manifesto for Nonviolent Revolution at the Triennial Conference of 1972, which then was a real challenge to many people in the WRI.
Devi Prasad took a leading role in widening WRI's work towards nonviolence social change for a world without war.

Devi Prasad: War is a crime against humanity: The story of War Resisters' International
ISBN 0-903517-20-5. 560 pages, 67 photos
Publication date: 21 October 2005
Advance orders (before 20 October 2005): £18.00 plus postage (then £28.00 plus postage). Order online at the WRI webshop.

London event:
PUBLIC LAUNCH, 21 October 2005

War Resisters' International is organising a public launch of the book War is a Crime Against Humanity. The Story of The War Resisters' International on Friday, 21 October 2005. The event will take place at Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX.
Devi Prasad will be present at the launch. Joanne Sheehan, present chair of War Resisters' International, and Michael Randle will give brief presentations.
For further information, contact War Resisters' International, tel +44-20-7278 4040, fax +44-20-7278 0444, email


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