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Kontakte in Korea

Korea Solidarity for Conscientious Objection

5F., CISJD Bldg., #35 Chungjoengno 2(I)-ga, Seodaemun-gu Seoul 120-012 tel +82-2-393 9085 fax +82-2-363 9085 email

WRI Korea

Dobongo-gu, Ssangmun 2- dong, 49-6, 2ndFloor, Gadis, Infoshop Seoul 132-859 tel +82-2-991-5020 fax +82-2-389-5755 email

Religious organizations

Jehovah's Witnesses

Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Korea

Box 33 Pyungtaek P.O. Kyunggido 450-600 tel +82-31-618 0033 fax +82-31-618 1914 email

Military Service Center of Seventh-Day Adventist

66 Heigidong Dongdaemungu, Seoul 130-050 tel +82-2-966 0072 email


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