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War Resisters League invitation to Chicago for Counter NATO actions

Dear WRI Allies and Friends:

Greetings from New York City!

Want to meet up with other International activists taking on the world's alleged Super Powers?

Ready to teach, train, march, and resist more war and militarism?

Want to see communities organize for action in the United States?


Then please join the War Resisters League (WRL) in Chicago from May 12 through May 20, 2012 to let NATO know that the people of the world will not be silent.

We invite you to meet us in the windy city, Chicago, in solidarity! to show NATO that we are NOT divided, that we are ONE in our opposition to the use of military force and intimidation that destroys people and land. Groups in Chicago are planning a range of actions from nonviolent CD, to permitted marches, to local work focused on economic justice in Chicago!

We need you in Chicago to show our strength in numbers, but also because you have direct experience struggling against NATO globally.

Interested in presenting a workshop or non-violent training for participants? We would love to learn from your experiences. We will be presenting groundbreaking research linking the economic and military systems around the world.

Please let us know if you are thinking of coming to Chicago and we will easily be able to find you housing too!

Looking forward!

In Peace,

War Resisters League
National Office
New York City


May 12-13 – People’s Summit (see detailed schedule here:

Featuring: Malalai Joya

(Occupy Chicago Actions/Teach-ins centered around themes, in coordination with community groups - still in formation)

Mon, May 14 – Transportation/Education
Tue, May 15 – Immigration
Wed, May 16 – Foreclosure
Thu, May 17 – Occupy Chi's day of action
Fri, May 18 - Austerity/NNU March for the Robin Hood Tax
Sat, May 19 - Environment
Sun, May 20 - Imperialism/CANG8 March
Mon, May 21 - Democracy

May 18-19 - Counter-Summit for Peace & Economic Justice (see detailed schedule here:

Featuring: Vijay Prashad


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